Meet the Blogger…

Quote from (What Is) A Woman's Worth by Kahshanna Evans

I am a Southern California native with a decade of New York influence. After eleven years in New York, I was homeward bound, back to the sunshine and with special interest in matters of the spirit. I began researching Energetic Healing: workshops, yoga, acting, Chi Kung Kundalini breath work, self and relationship exploration, exploration of the four elements and movement and body language. I connected deeply to Reiki though I remain most heavily influenced by the Shamanic Healing Traditions of the Q’ero Tribe. My skills include intuitive energy readings, stone readings, tarot readings as well as energy Sessions

My interest in Spirituality and Truth-Telling are about as similar as New York and Los Angeles, and still my expression stands to challenge any rules that bind our freedom.  That same ‘truth telling’ liberates, allowing in closure, acceptance and quiet reflection.

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