Is Shamanic Healing Against My Religion?

In response to What is Shamanic Healing and is it against my religion?  I hope this helps.  There are universal wellness themes in many wellness techniques as well as philosophies and religion: nothing universal and for your highest health should feel toxic or disempowering.  Shamanic healing is technique, knowledge, wisdom and a frame of reference accompanied by beliefs about being in alignment with the Earth and the Universe and, of course, wellness.  Healing traditions stem from a time where people lived in tribes and villages hence it was cultivated before written word.  One huge difference I have experienced after having spent my share of time in private religious schools when I was younger is there is not an emphasis on ‘guilt’ as a way to beckon or seduce one back to their integrity or into ‘right action’.  The other noticeable difference is the role of a woman.  In school I observed oppressive values in regards to how women were viewed.  As a Shamanic Healer you actually are in the position of leadership.

In whatever religion or philosophy one practices the question is: what is the focus?  Is it faith?  Healing?  Are you supported in thinking?  Expressing?  Questioning?  Exploring?  Does it feel healthy?  To me religion should work somewhat like a friend and ally, or spiritual mentor…in that there is no ultimate ‘offense’ in regards to seeking your truth, or expressing it.  Leadership, faith, energy healing and the mysteries of life are universal themes that impact us all.

A Shamanic Healer negotiates with the energy realm as well as using deep intuition to connect with their client, although mainly the goal is to master personal intentions for you life which will then affect the outside world rather than intending for someone else to change.  I do find that ‘intention’ is a useful element of the Shamanic Healing traditions: the two key words being healing and intentions.

Rewards should follow for feeding healthy curiosity about different cultural traditions.  I have learned that our own American culture only benefits from learning about kindness, ceremony and tradition, especially ones derived from indigenous peoples about energy.  To ascend and master culture, kindness, and return to our natural position as stewards of The Garden seems like the least we could do.

Our responsibility is to attain wisdom…and often we don’t get there by doing what others designed us to do but by thinking outside of the box and trusting that God-guidance system that is innately in our hearts and souls.

I well know the risks involved with trying new things and being different – it can be challenging and scary.  Here’s to finally beginning to celebrate them rather than try to stuff them down for fear of challenging protocol.

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