Riki’s Fire

Sewar Quinte and Otorongo were the familiar words called during the opening of sacred space with medicine woman Riki Nunez at the November Full Moon Fire Ceremony.  With each medicine person being of varied backgrounds and traditions, a beginners mind is a must even for seasoned medicine people entering the space.  Having arrived early I huddled in my car on a nearby street eating my dinner listening to talk radio.  I felt so glad it was dark, and even moreso that it was Sunday.  As I looked up, there was a brilliant silver, very full moon.  The bell of the ball, so humble in her entrance.  I had known about this medicine woman for some time meaning to connect or meet for months.  I entered to a sweet space where guests were gathered around the table sipping tea speaking to each other.  Thank God, I thought, there’s an ease to this room and these people.  I need that.  Riki greeted me warmly and busied herself preparing her space.  When it was time we were invited to enter the medicine space, a meditative sanctuary; cozy and dark.  I noted the tender calmness as I sank deep into my space to own my own energy and reason for being there.  Fire and ceremony.  There’s always so much traveling you can do, just being in one space with the right intentions and the willingness to open up and let the fire do what it does.

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