Smooth Move Alkaline

There is a heightened focus on weight loss, but I’d rather call it health gain.  Weight loss only regards one part of creating a healthier life in an attempt to isolate the problem to maximize results in a minimal amount of time.  Unfortunately only dealing with the physical aspect of designing a new, healthier self can be exhausting with little results.   My natural weight loss advice is to gain a deep understanding of what unhealthy or painful energy is being held in before all else. For many people there are deep issues being suppressed, but on a day to day the mind suspects food and nutrition all the while social pressures highlight our outer appearance.

Food and nutrition are essential elements, but our emotional state is an incredible factor in understanding what is happening on the inside, including what we don’t want to feel; both are obstacles which stand in the way of happiness and physical well being. Fixing the exterior and leaving the interior eventually becomes painfully visible physically and emotionally.  When the emotional support is there and the willingness to understand what emotional systems are going on, then all resources can work for the highest possible health benefit including food, water rest, exercise and a positive, energizing environment during that process. This takes a willingness to understand the effects of not dealing with heavy topics as well as awareness about what kind of long term support can enable a healthy life change.

My favorite ways to reconnect to a healthy diet are smoothies introduced to me by a dear friend. Before you run to the chain smoothie places with sweet concentrated extras, consider a more green approach. There is a smoothie which is designed to alkalize the body.   Alkalizing the body neutralizes acids and gives the body more energy not to mention the healthy qualities of raw, green veggies. Don’t believe me, though, try it for yourself! Here’s what you’ll need:

1 1/2 cup of apple juice

1/2 green apple

1/2 avocado

3 stalks of celery

1/2 a bunch of parsley

5 leaves of Romaine lettuce

Rinse, chop and blend until smooth. Drink it down and alkalize your soul. Umm, umm alkalicious!

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