Spring into Fitness

My alarm rings at 5am.  What have I done…the enthusiasm for creating dangerous buns suddenly seems foolish as I try to reason with myself to get out of bed and make change.  I was very intimidated and although I had seen ads and fliers about getting tough and rigorous I had never actually been to a real fitness ‘boot camp’ before.  What if I fail…it’s still cold outside…what if I get yelled at like in the military movies?  I can’t handle that.  Luckily, the other voice scooted that one over enough to push me through my morning fog and do the basics…brushing my teeth and rummaging through a pile of clothes looking for warm, flexible garments, and layers of them.  I had no idea what I was in for.

Rain.  Good morning New York…I walked enjoying the blanket of quiet and my comfortable new sneakers.  The over-sized Army Surplus rain jacket and walking briskly would have to do to keep me dry.  The neighborhood wasn’t buzzing yet.  I hopped on an uneventful train and silently noted the few people dozing or with the Monday glazed look.  The people that make it happen and the city that never sleeps.  I was actually early.

Arriving to the boot camp headquarters I was greeted by a friendly smile.  Hybrid fitness guru and yoga teacher Brian Delmonico asked me how I was and actually listened for the answers, seeming to have nowhere else to be but there talking to me.  I wedged my wet outerwear in a cubby, along with my shoes and canvas bag which had lip balm, a scrunchie and head bands in the event my fro began to expand and turn 70’s on me and my Soy Almond milk mixed with Tonic Alchemy.  I switched off my phone, who would call me at 6:30am on a Monday morning anyway?  Everyone I knew was likely still sleeping.

I entered the yoga room, still with a few layers on.  We begin slow…working up to sets of exercises to a background of easy music up just loud enough to be a part of the workout without giving me flashbacks of tacky club parties.  Bonus.  It was rigorous, but Brian’s demeanor held, sincere and focused on the work with bouts of humor and an encouraging thread to move us forward.  I feel supported and unjudged by this workout created by the Founder and CEO of Circuit of Change himself.  I find myself doing some moves that would make MC Hammer blush…booty, arms, breasts and thighs jiggled as we tap and run in place, move between squats to jumps and climb imaginary mountains.

We wind down with some yoga, flexing and folding with focus on the breath.  He takes a quick moment to connect with everyone after the workout, while we’re still seated…asking how everyone feels.  I chime in about my ‘rust’, referring to myself as ‘mamma’ and throwing in a finger snap.  I feel fabulous and like I faced a fear by showing up for myself.  I am on a mission to be more fit and energized and increase my circulation…the more we are in touch with our bodies, the more energy can move through with our vision and intuition broadening and heart expanding and the less we carry burdens and emotional baggage.

Fitness, Brian said, isn’t just three times or so and then you are done.  It’s a life journey, so let’s make it count.

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