Guest Tarot Readings…

I am a Shamanic Healer in the Q’ero Tribe tradition reading and clearing energy, using stones and breath work, and using the sacred tarot to share messages that empower, inspire, and liberate. I read energies around the body and am able to see physical, energetic, and spiritual blocks and obstacles and what healing course of action the recipient can take in order to impact the outcome of their dilemma so they don’t stay in an unhealthy space. The healing gift allows for the focus to be on how to heal any negative energies according to what the client wants to create if they already know, and if they don’t know, that’s Okay, the spirit message arrives all the same.

I have researched healing and wellness workshops for eight years including Conscious Conception, Chi Kung Kundalini, how the body can be used to source answers from the subconscious, reading the body, Yin and Yang, the four elements, Reiki and Shamanic traditions and ceremonies.

The Shamans/Shamanic Healers are the medicine men and women able to use their gifts of intuition in order to lead the tribe. A Shaman also negotiates and communicates with the spirit realm and shares how to be in a harmonic relationship to the Earth. I offer energy healing sessions and readings from the highest intention to heal, help, guide and shift energy towards the highest outcome. I am able to share messages from loved ones who have moved on and also share what power animals can assist during transitions and times of growth.

I have been a Guest Reader for the Best Friends Annual Red Carpet Event, a Guest Reader for the MS Walk 2010 in Pasadena, a Guest Speaker at Camp Bloom Entrepreneur Program, and was invited to do opening ceremonies for Camp Laurel for kids and teens living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, what an incredible group of future leaders to spend the Fourth of July with!!!

To request me as a guest reader for groups or parties please email for current rates and availability.

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