A Book to Keep Right by the Bed…

Awaken the Secret Within: Keys to Joyful Living by Anne Angelheart

Awaken the Secret Within: Keys to Joyful Living by Anne Angelheart

I was pleasantly surprised recently to read Awaken the Secret Within: Keys to Joyful living by Anne Angelheart.  What I found refreshing were the personal stories shared by Anne within a guided tour of how to reconnect life with spirituality and purpose.  It always somehow makes me feel more human to know that other wise women are human and willingly share it as a part of being teachers.  The format was simple enough for beginners and great as a refresher for us spiritual folks who already know it all.  People in the healing arts share common themes, some prefer ‘Ase’ to ‘Amen’ or to stand in Tree Pose, Vrksasana, rather than kneel to honor the divine.  In her book Anne references the inner child which I recognize as the essence of innocence many of us still connect with and source from.  The book also served as a mirror to me.  This powerful, loving person had tough times?  That was hard for me to believe, having known Anne for almost a decade now and never having observed her out of integrity.  Still, it made this book endearing, something mothers and daughters could share.  If elders I respect have those, then I can be sure it is a universal predicament and look into my own journey with less worry.  Being that I am a fan of empowerment, I have learned a great deal about the information offered in the book on cutting chords.  I took from that our ability to choose to cut toxic connections to our system so we wouldn’t be depleted by what I have come to know as ‘takers’ or vampires.  Being healthy in this world means being aware of how our dynamic energy systems work…so, that old weakening belief system which invites us to walk as weakened Saints who gives too much can be updated with some healthy anecdotes for balancing and energizing by halting unhealthy energy connections.  You’ll notice in the title is not Keys to Being Perfect or Keys to Getting What You Want Right Now, but Keys to Joyful Living which lays out a much needed easy, steady pace to integrate lifestyle exercises.  I love that Anne offers her guidance on what measures we can take to develop our own intuitive gifts.  That one, for me, really bought this home as my own discovery and cultivation of intuitive gifts lead to researching healing and wellness for eight years.  Keep a copy of Awaken the Secret Within: Keys to Joyful Living complete with your own flair of colorful Post It’s and book tabs close if you need a book that feels more like a friend.

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