Falling Into Freedom…

Jeffrey and Cielle Backstrom of Stepping Into Freedom

Jeffrey and Cielle Backstrom of Stepping Into Freedom

I have often heard the question where to the ‘energy people’ go to receive energy sessions themselves.  I’d be happy to tell you.  I began my day today receiving a Shamanic Healing session.  I have felt the need for the one on one time for weeks now, but with my schedule and time sensitive projects on the table, time just didn’t permit.  I should add that having a background in wellness and also being heavily influenced by indigenous traditions has helped me gauge when to create wellness time for myself, or when and if I can wait.

Moving all of the clothing and project pages that clutter my sanctuary, I prepared myself to relax and get in touch with what the day was about for me.  Even as we began I realized how invaluable it is to have another person dedicating their full energy and focus on what matters with you.  There was no buzzing of gadgets or foot wriggling to leave before street cleaning.  Just us.  I having chose to be present with the heavy things that had weighed on me lately and him being present to hear me, listen and understand.  That is the universal element that ties energy work to how present our loved ones are when we need to be heard.  To take in that generosity is quite a task in itself…to receive that well means to own all of the protective mechanisms and programs that are constantly running to protect us from, well, falling apart.  Oddly refreshing to have a place I am actually supposed to fall apart.

We spoke a little about what themes were there for me and the personal meanings.  It’s incredible to say it out loud without having to hurry or pretend it hurts less than it does and to hear it out loud…it slows down time.  Not only does the meaning and significance help to identify the ‘owie’, but to hear this out loud leads right to what that dream is we’ve been scraping at just out of seeming reach; the new focus, the new action that will follow the session.  I found myself sharing that I am so aware of the internal empowerment process, mindfulness about perceptions and all of that jazz but really needed to identify the ‘dream’ so I could start going (or keep going) towards that.  I identified was that I wanted.  I said it out loud and owned it.

The next step was opening sacred space together, a tradition I’ve become quite acquainted with, which consists of creating an energy space with intentions opened up in each of the four directions, below the feet and over the head.  This symbolized being protected from all directions and marks the beginning and end of ceremonies and traditions.  I have come to regard this as a priceless way to care for the self.  As I look at the exchange they are the most sought qualities we need from each other which nurtures our strength, our sense of caring and feeling worthy of love.

What I have remembered today is we indeed get what we ask for, what we choose to create and build, but it is in the very human moments to actually say ‘yes’ by accepting the gifts the Universe gives to us.  Today’s gift was freedom.

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