Three Women

The Three Women

The Three Women

I should begin by offering some particulars about my style of using the Tarot.  My use is for healing purposes only.  The best results are when the deck is used with clear intentions and also a specific question.  Even if you can’t exactly put it into words, that nagging thing you’d like to know more about, then go for ‘clarity’ as the intention until you know more what you want.  Speaking of what you want, what do you WANT?  When you know what you want and you feel a connection with your truest dreams it’s likely the universe can respond with specifics about what actions you can take to create the highest possible outcome for that circumstance.  Enjoying Tarot isn’t about testing correctness, it’s about your energy and intentions, the energy and intentions of the person reading you and what you’d like guidance on.

Having just finished working the whole Sunday, I decided to open my cards nestled in the homemade crochet cozy I made for them.  After all, Sundays are for relaxing…and dreaming, right?  One card I pulled was this card with three women.  As I sat and gazed at it, as is my particular style, the word ‘Orion’ came to me.  It’s not the first time, in fact, this word has been with me persistently for about two weeks now.  When life brings this kind of message a little research is in order, or, as it’s now called, a little Google.  I was struck to find that Orion’s Belt is associated with Three Sisters and more universal than that The Hunter.

I should say that there are plenty of meanings here, so, remember, with the healing only intention and a specific question the messages make their point.  The project I have been working on has been a lot of work and a lot of managing different circumstances and deadlines although I didn’t always have control over the variables.  Once I followed up and read up about Orion some answers and reassurance came to me in terms of my path.  The Hunter is a great empowerment symbol, suggesting strength and durability.  The Hunter reference but with Three Women signifies power in being a female hunter, still strong…and power in numbers.  As a final note, I looked at both of my cards together to get the overall message for how I can create the highest possible outcome for this circumstance.  Happily, I leave the two cards facing up.

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